Angeline Tournier paints semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes, using veil-like layers of oil, acrylic, marker and metallic silver paint to create scenes that travel across the canvas and convey her rhythmic and energetic interpretation of horizons.

Tournier spent her formative years in from Colorado, moving to France in her teenage years, then to Yorkshire, England. The influence of the range of sublime landscapes that Tournier experienced in these places, from the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and arid deserts in Colorado, to the rolling greenery of the Yorkshire Dales, can all be seen in her artistic style and approach to the canvas. Currently painting from her studios in North London and West Sussex, Tournier uses a striking colour palette. In her seascapes, the upward graduation from silvery greys to the most restful whites and sandy beiges is interrupted by arresting bright pinks and reds which represent the sea, colours that come naturally to her when she paints the view out from land to sea.

I am to convey a sense of space and playfulness…to capture the feeling of being immersed in my surroundings: the catch in my stomach when I crest a hill, the thrill of seeing the sea unfold.