I believe in making as a vehicle for expression, for the articulation of thoughts that cannot be expressed through language.

Porcelain is a brilliantly elastic material. When I’m throwing it on the wheel it has a life force, a smoothness and a sense of movement that I can then include in the finished work. I also love it for its whiteness…its translucency and ability to be very thin.

Through years of creative experiment and experience, ceramicist Jo Davies has become a specialist in wheel-thrown porcelain. ‘Porcelain objects are renowned for their beauty and delicacy but, as a maker, it is an amazing material to work with because of its elastic and fluid feel as a clay. These material qualities lend themselves to methods of making not possible with other clays; whilst its qualities after kiln-firing, such as translucency, allow it to glow in strong light.'

Jo Davies has developed a refined artistic process to sculpt porcelain to create pendant shades that emanate fluidity, energy and beauty. She exaggerates the throwing-lines that naturally occur through wheel-throwing to create a twist of translucency across the surface, creating its unique shape. The satin finish that Davies achieves through glazing and firing emphasises the soft glow that each pendant radiates, with or without the addition of the bulb's light.

Each piece is uniquely created by Davies as an embodiment of her blended approach to working with porcelain: effortlessly working with the inherent qualities of the material whilst willing it into the forms that emerge from her hands and through her artistic intentions.

Jo Davies studied Ceramics at the prestigious Royal College of Art and the Bath School of Art & Design. Through collaborations, commissions and exhibitions, Davies has worked with other artists including Gavin Turk and Charlotte Hodes, as well as renowned art and design institutions including Heals, The National Portrait Gallery, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the National Trust and The Cheongju International Craft Competition in South Korea.

Her work has recently been exhibited at The Centre of Ceramic Art, York Art Gallery; Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London, 67 York Street, London & was selected for the British Craft Pavilion, London Design Fair 2018.