Inspired by colours, forms and vistas found in the natural world, Kate Dolan is drawn to views of vast open spaces that occur both naturally and through the manipulation of man. Through her paintings, Dolan translates her emotional responses and experiences of the world. The loose spontaneity of brush strokes and gradually layered textures that she creates is sometimes interrupted with precise and determined forcefulness, such as in her Salt Flats series, whereby streaks of horizontal or vertical lines slice between areas of subtly built colour. The Patchwork series, initially inspired by the salt ponds of Western Australia, deliver a more equal balance of energy and tranquility across the canvas - textures and colours have been layered to create the most captivating compositions.

Having initially studied and worked in advertising, Dolan is a self-taught artist, who is constantly pushing the boundaries of her own creative practice. She has an innate talent for creating unusual yet compelling colour combinations and experimental forms - from geometric to expressionistic - each painting by Dolan promises to excite and enchant the viewer.

Obsessed with colour, form, bold strokes and graphic shapes, my paintings are driven by my emotions following life experiences or topics I am passionate about.