I like that the paintings are mine only briefly while I work on them in my studio; their life begins when they fly to another context, to a different viewer who I hope will find their own significances in the work.

The array of artistic techniques that Melanie Goemans utilises so masterfully in her work is driven by her academic grounding in art history and her continued investigation of different mediums. The resulting artwork portrays Goemans’ exceptional technical prowess and her interest in exploring the transcient beauty of the everyday that exists in nature and her immediate surroundings.

Goemans studied Florentine Renaissance art at The Courtauld Institute of Art and Fine Art at the University of Gloucestershire before teaching and taking up art residencies at prestigious institutions in Cheltenham, Devon & London, before settling in her current studio in the cathedral city of Ely. The wide, flat fens of the surrounding countryside influence the style and subject matter of Goemans' work. The soft, atmospheric tones of her paintings are slowly rendered with broad strokes and delicate brushwork onto a smooth gesso surface. Out of the diffused light captured, deep shadows or highlights with gold or silver leaf is used by Goemans to define and reflect elements. In this way, Goemans uses age-old materials and techniques in painting and printmaking to create muted, modern depictions of the natural world and to draw us into a timeless one.