Mireia de Coursey was born in 1980 in Barcelona. During a trip to Paris in the her early teens, she was struck by the powerful paintings of the avant-garde, particularly with the works of Jean Dubuffet, Art Brut, and Art Informel. After taking classes at various artist Ateliers scattered throughout Barcelona, Mireia enrolled at the School of Arts & Design Llotja.

Over the past decade, Mireia has explored a variety of styles, from neo-expressionist canvases to thickly textured abstract paintings. An artistic nomad, Mireia draws inspiration from her time spent travelling and living in varying locations around the World.

Working across a wide range of mediums, including painting, works on paper and sculpture, Mireia has continued to experiment with the materials of her art.

Across her diverse body of work, there are several recurring themes. She has continued to be fascinated by the natural world, creating richly textured canvases that recall the earthly materiality of Catalan painters such as Antoni Tapies, Joan Miro and Barceló, as well as compositions that explore the effects of light and the ever-changing colours of the sea. She has also explored the history and traditions of painting, exploring the medium’s traditional subjects and technical challenges through her experimentation with the treatment of light, colour and composition.

Mireia now works from a studio in London as she raises her young family in the city but has kept a studio in Catalonia, where she likes to go back to basics to reconnect with the essence of the act of painting undisturbed by the fast pace of city life.

Mireia’s artworks are collected by international private collectors around the World.