Nude, Midnight Dance


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I love to travel and also my home city, Sydney. I find that the sensory experiences I have of places inspire my figurative drawings. I don't sketch when I visit places but instead absorb everything and my vivid memories of a place inform my creativity

About the Artist

Fipé Gouge Merrall

Born in Sydney, now based in Sweden, Fipé Gouge-Merrall studied Fine Art at the National Art School Darlinghurst, Australia, where she developed her love of life drawing. Creating purely abstract artwork at first, the female form seeped back into her expression, resulting in artworks which blur the lines of the human figure, sometimes caught in movement with fluid lines and diluted shading, sometimes firmly grounded to the floor of surreal settings with firmer lines and more solid shadows.

The monumental forms that Gouge-Merrall renders strike us as almost dream-like and metaphysical, their facial features obscured against the blocks and pools of colour that act as stages, props, and backdrops for each figure. The artist’s memories of moments and places inform the colours, textures and mood conveyed in each artwork, from bursts of bright colour reminiscent of her home city of Sydney to the forest greens and glacial blues that can be found in the landscapes of Sweden.

Fipé Gouge-Merrall’s work has been exhibited across Europe, including in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands and is collected internationally.


Angeline Tournier

Angeline Tournier

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Kate Dolan

Inspired by colours, forms and vistas found in the natural world, Kate Dolan is drawn to views of vast open spaces that occur both naturally and through the manipulation of man. Through her paintings, Dolan translates her emotional responses and experiences of the world. The loose spontaneity of brush strokes and gradually layered textures that she creates is sometimes interrupted with precise and determined forcefulness.